The defender of the Africans

St Daniel Comboni. The defender of the Africans



Once upon a time in Central Africa, beneath a starry sky, a fire warmed the semi-naked bodies of children while also chasing away the blood-hungry mosquitoes. The mood was subdued yet joyful. A group of people, children and adults, had just called to mind, amidst the serene African night, a man who, more than a hundred years ago, had given his life for them.


Using the battery of my Land Rover, I had given them a slide show on the life of Daniel Comboni showing his commitment to the defence of the Africans. His motto, “Africa or death”, is rendered absolutely true when, at the age of fifty, he died in Khartoum of the fever.


The voice of the old Catechist rose quietly: “Ah, how much he loved us! And Clara Siko, an African religious who accompanied me, added with tears in her eyes: “He loved us very much because he believed in us”.


Yes, Africans loved Daniel Comboni while he lived, and they still love him today, as more and more they get to know the strong role his plan to “Save Africa with Africa” had and has in the development of the continent. Not long ago, I heard an African Cardinal saying: “Comboni is ours, Comboni belongs to the Africans, because he lived and died for us”.



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